The Crowd Training Academy brings together the best of our training expertise into a range of courses and workshops that equip clients with the skills and awareness they need in the new business landscape.


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Crowd Training Academy

Whether your business is challenged by a period of change, or enjoying rapid technological developments, Crowd Training can help you through this period of culture shock. Our unique offering is born out of our expertise in hand holding organisations across all sectors.

Technology has an undeniable grip on every part of our daily lives; it is becoming clear that a fundamental understanding of which tools are available, how they effect you and how your business can utilise them is crucial.

At Crowd we see business processes evolving across all industry sectors; communities built on sustainable relationships based on trust, loyalty and transparency. Consumers are demanding more, and businesses simply have to evolve.

Crowd Training Team Guernsey

Whether this is new to you and your organisation, you’re at that pivot moment or you are well on your way, Crowd Training are able to provide an engaging and well structured learning experience to help you move forward sustainably and at a pace suited to your organisation.


With our experience as digital experts, we want to encourage you to learn through doing and by discussing fundamental technological opportunities.

Our modular course framework lays out a journey from the basics of the world we live in today, all the way through to how your organisation might practically and strategically make use of technology.

Our modules and workshops cover a broad plethora of the digital landscape and are both theoretical and skills based in nature.

We work with you to ascertain your specific requirements and skill level and aim to provide a catered learning experience.

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