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Crowd Training the GTA University Centre Guernsey

In recent months Crowd Training Academy have been working closely with GTA University Centre to discuss their specific requirements regarding the implementation of social media as a part of their communications strategy.

After considerable research into the GTA’s digital footprint, and several rounds of consultation, it was agreed that our bespoke training workshops were the most suitable starting point; allowing the GTA to identify the direction the organisation should be taking by engaging with practical examples that they could relate to their own objectives.

A common problem that Crowd identify on a regular basis is brands running before they can walk; in much part due to the relative accessibility of digital tools/platforms. Making the fundamental decision that your brand needs to become more accessible and interact with an audience via social media platforms is clearly a positive step, and often an organisational and cultural challenge; but actively signing up for platforms isn’t necessarily the next port of call. Strategy and reasoning comes next; what is the brand, what does it wish to communicate and what value does it offer its audience? In the context of social media, ‘why’ is clearly more challenging (and important) than ‘how’.

The variety of platforms accessible today in the digital landscape is rich and diverse, and will continue to evolve and adapt to meet the needs and expectations of society. As individuals we browse our content feeds like a lifeline periodically throughout the day; it’s where many of us interact with global, local and peer group related content; it’s our immediate resource for just about everything we need to know.

The GTA had a clear sense of brand, of purpose and a positive attitude toward change; aiming to position themselves deep in the heart of the online community, they wanted to increase awareness of the organisation and the exciting opportunities and value it provides.

So we want to move forward, what comes next?

Crowd wanted to start over and focus on fundamental questions that needed to be answered to determine an appropriate strategic direction and allocation of valuable resources to support this.

We prepared 2 bespoke half day workshops; the first focussing on strategic concepts with content strategy and positive industry relevant examples intrinsic to the workshop. Strategy and resourcing issues were taught via relevant examples, exercises and discussion based activities.

The second will bolster the strategic thought process and rational by focussing on the ICT/ Platform specific skills to support the management and implementation of these concepts. In summary we aim to combine theory with practice; ‘why’ with ‘how’.

Social is all about community; community driven content and community driven interaction. We ran the GTA through a bespoke framework of in depth and relevant case studies, followed by discussion and exercises on core questions covering various areas, not restricted to:

  • How could the GTA provide useful insight into their courses?
  • Why does content differ from platform to platform despite being similar messages?
  • What is the purpose of each platform?
  • How does an organisation/individual handle blurring boundaries?
  • How can we combine offline/online initiatives?
  • What areas could/should the GTA aim to be engaged in?

What’s next for the GTA?

Our first session was incredibly enjoyable and interactive; all 9 delegates from the GTA demonstrated a real interest in the content with a willingness and enthusiasm toward the subject. We left invigorated and confident that providing a learning resource in this area is essential for many local individuals and organisations.

Crowd were delighted with the response from delegates:

“We all came away feeling so exited about Social Media!”

“An inspirational session from Simon and Ollie. Thank you!”

“Who would think a hashtag could cause such excitement!!#HashTag”

We now look forward to our second half day workshop with the GTA focussing on platform specific skills. After encouraging the delegates to stay in contact via Facebook and Twitter to inform us of any specifics they wish to cover in the approaching workshop, we have been able to build a lasting interactive experience of benefit to all involved.

Is your brand considering the implementation of digital tools into their marketing strategy? Or are you already active but hoping to delve deeper into specific areas? Crowd Training Academy provides bespoke workshops catered to specific requirements.